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The fastest, most reliableopen-source trading platform

Trade any asset class in one platform. Event-driven backtests on any historical data. Live trading with no code changes.


Get started with the open-source
high-performance algorithmic trading
platform and event-driven backtester

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Nautilus Cloud

Scale distributed backtesting or deploy
live trading with either fully managed,
hybrid cloud or on-premises workloads

Python and Rust APIsBattle tested and production readyBacktesting and live trading code parityTrade any asset classPlatform for firms and professionalsDistributed backtestingModular and customizableHybrid cloud workloads

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Solution for cutting-edge firms

Integrate data

Unlock the potential of your data. Load any custom and raw market data into Nautilus parquet format.

Build strategies

Discover strategies faster with a Python API. Streaming up to 20 million rows/second, handling more data than your memory can hold. Simplify complexity by unifying your approach to trading.

Analyze results

Simulate the market with nanosecond-resolution. Realistic and accurate event-driven results you can rely on.

Trade live

Launch reliable live trading operations without disruptions. Backtest code parity reduces implementation risks.

Execute faster

Capitalize on trading opportunities with high performance low-latency execution. Efficient Rust components and runtime.


Diverse venue connectivity

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NautilusTrader supports a range of integrations, facilitating seamless data ingest, execution, and order management. Integrate any data provider and venue, then trade across multiple markets in one platform. Databento integration with all data schemas supported, data loaders and live feed handlers.