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Next-Generation Distributed Automated Algorithmic Trading Platform


Get started with the open-source
high-performance algorithmic trading
platform and event-driven backtester

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Scale distributed backtesting or deploy
live trading with either fully managed,
hybrid cloud or on-premises workloads

C-level speedProduction grade componentsBacktesting and live tradingFX, Crypto, Equities, FuturesCFDs, Options, BettingDistributed backtestingRuns on Linux, macOS, WindowsModular and customizableHybrid cloud workloadsRobust and battle proven3500+ unit and integration tests

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AI-ready platform

Solve the buy vs build dilemma

Overcome the barrier of cost to market for your trading platform needs. Leverage the decades of collective experience and development which went into the design and implementation of NautilusTrader.

Focus on your core competency

Rely on a battle tested and dependable platform which allows you to focus on what you do best: researching and developing trading models and strategies.

Limitless scalability

Grow with the Nautilus ecosystem as you expand and scale your research, backtesting and live trading operations.


Python native API

Backtest and live trading

A robust Python native environment keeps the research/backtest environment consistent with the production live trading environment. Use the same strategy code for both backtesting and live trading

Iterate faster

Quickly progress from research and backtesting to live trading with Python. Circumventing the need to re-implement your strategy in C, C++, Java, C# etc.

Quality Driven



Software correctness is one of the platforms highest values. The core components are built using strongly typed languages, with design by contract condition checks to help prevent logical errors.

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C-level speed through native binaries using Cython and Rust. Asynchronous networking with uvloop utilizing the libuv C library under the hood. 25μs tick to trade latency (and reducing).

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Over 3500+ unit, integration and acceptance tests for the core platform alone. The architecture is highly modular with testability in mind.

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A highly modular open-source codebase acts as a system framework with a rich trading domain model. Use the built-in backtest and live nodes, or assemble your own functionality or entire systems from raw components.

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Best practices in coding standards, testing and DevOps tooling help to maintain the codebase in immaculate condition.

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Utilize the official hardened and battle tested container images to securely and reliably launch your live trading.

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Distributed Backtesting

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Backtesting trading strategies across a range of time periods, instrument combinations, strategy configurations and model hyper parameters can involve an extremely large search space. Its simply not efficient to backtest across this space in a linear way using a single node. NautilusTrader leverages a distributed computing framework under the hood to efficiently parallelize this compute workload.

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High Performance

Optimized Core

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Backtesting Performance

Strategy research and development is a highly demanding endeavour, and takes many hours of intellectual labour. Being able to leverage the high performance of a trading platform such as NautilusTrader increases the rate of alpha discovery, providing a faster iteration cycle from initial idea to deployable strategy.

  • native binary ultra-fast core components
  • event-driven with nanosecond resolution
  • 500,000+ events per second
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Live Trading Performance

Reliable and high-performance trading infrastructure is a key part of a risk managed and professional approach to live automated trading. This helps to ensure trading capital is not put at unnecessary risk, and market opportunities can be capitalized on with microsecond latencies.

  • native binary ultra-fast core components
  • 25μs tick to trade latency
  • uvloop asynchronous networking
  • highly efficient parsing
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Flexible Topology

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Fully Managed

Complete turn-key solution for cloud native workloads. Spin up fully managed infrastructure on demand using a choice of cloud providers.


  • AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Live trading nodes (managed)
  • Backtest nodes (managed)
  • Frontend dashboard (managed)
  • Region specific exchange execution gateways
  • Monitoring metrics
  • Premium Support
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Hybrid Cloud

For the security conscious you can host your own trading servers to keep intellectual property even more secure. Leverage our hybrid cloud frontend for visualization, monitoring and control only.


  • AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Live trading nodes (managed or self-hosted)
  • Backtest nodes (managed or self-hosted)
  • Frontend dashboard (managed)
  • Region specific exchange execution gateways
  • Monitoring metrics
  • Premium Support
On premises payment plan Icon


For the extremely security conscious or for larger customized enterprise setups. Talk to us about our fully on-premises licensing model.

  • Fully self hosted (containerized or bare metal)
  • Frontend dashboard (containerized or bare metal)
  • Monitoring metrics
  • Access to platform source code repository
  • Premium Support
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Venue connectivity

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NautilusTrader is designed in a modular way to work with adapters which provide connectivity to data publishers and/or trading venues - converting their raw API into a unified interface. The platform takes the approach of quality over quantity, providing all the advanced order management features which an exchange offers (often lacking from other platforms).


Award winning platform

Best AI-Driven Trading Platform 2021: NautilusTrader

FinTech Innovators of the Year 2021 - Australia

Recognized for outstanding innovations in the field of AI-driven trading.

Providing a highly innovative trading solution supporting the Python AI research and data science community.

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