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For the extremely security conscious or for larger customized enterprise setups. Talk to us about our fully on-premises licensing model.

Your infrastructure requirements or individual use case may not fit within our standard fully-managed or hybrid cloud plans. We are looking for early adopters to help inform which features will be the most valuable, and roll these out in manageable phases. If you're interested in becoming an early adopter then please get in touch via the early access form or email!

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Simple, consumption based plans

FeaturesFully ManagedFully Managed Icon clearHybrid CloudHybrid Cloud Icon clearOn-PremisesOn Premises Icon clear
Account management and teams support
Frontend dashboard UI
Frontend container access
Backtest cluster hosting
Sandbox trading node hosting
Live trading node hosting
Managed database infrastructure (coming in phase 2)
Colocated exchange execution gateways (coming in phase 2)
Monitoring metrics
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